The NuMath App has over 120 games to learn math in grade 1 divided into:

  • Counting (Including addition , Subtraction, number lines , number frames)
  • Comparing ( lengths and volume)
  • Positions (Top , below, next to, left , middle, bottom , right, further)
  • Classification
  • Patterns
  • Sizes
  • Money ( South African Notes & Coins + Addition & Subtraction)
  • Flat Shapes
  • Solid Shapes

Highlights of NuMath kids App:

Addtron is on an adventure around south Africa with the mission of collecting as many of the big 5 animal stickers as possible.

  • Lion – All questions answered correctly at first try.
  • Elephant – Questions answered correctly after second try.
  • Cape Buffalo – Questions answered correctly after third try.
  • Rhinoceros – Questions answered correctly after third to sixth try.
  •  Leopard – Questions answered correctly after 8 or more tries.

Kids will enjoy this game because it tests math knowledge with a great interface, fun feedback done by south African children and a wide variety of fun, interactive questions that will keep your child engaged and entertained for long. Plus the kids get stickers for correct answers that are given at the end of each level. Kids can also see the number of stickers they have collected directly from the app.

You will love it  too because it is based on the south African curriculum and you can download the progress report directly from the App.

The app is suitable for kids at primary school ages 5,6,7,8 years. You can play the game without internet connection.

Teachers will love it too because they can access the progress reports for children in their school from