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We create mobile applications that make learning fun for the African child. Our educational apps are based on the current South African curriculum.

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Children are the future

Our Vision is to be the number one source for educational solutions for the African child, thus preparing them for a brighter tomorrow. We achieve this by staying abreast to the latest technological advancements, adapting them to the African context

Parents and teachers work together

In a spirit of Ubuntu we are what we are because of the communities in which we come from. We strive to strengthen cooperation between parents and teachers, and all stakeholders in order to truly unlock every learner's potential

Be part of the Learning revolution through the Numaths Kids App

For Parents: NUMATHS KIDS APP An affordable educational gaming app, to promote understanding of the Grade 1 maths curriculum.  Created in consultation with Grade R and Grade 1 school teachers, this app provides access to 120 games developed to excite and entertain children, while assisting them with understanding the maths curriculum. Free to download via […]

Meet the Team Behind Nubian Smarts

Lungile Maile is a multi talented young woman who has an extensive background in the FMCG sector, this is where she realised that South Africa needed innovative solutions to address the education crisis. Being a solution oriented person, she took it upon herself to start Nubian Smarts a company that is dedicated to improving learner’s […]

Nubian Smarts September Newsletter

NUBIAN SMARTS SEPTEMBER NEWSLETTER Inventor’s Garage | NuMaths Kids App | Singapore Maths Singapore Maths What is it? According to Wikipedia Singapore maths is a teaching method based on the national mathematics curriculum used for kindergarten through sixth grade in Singapore. The term was coined in the United States to describe an approach originally developed […]

South African learners have the lowest performance in the International Mathematics and Science Study

In 2011, the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) showed that South African learners have the lowest performance among all 21 middle-income countries that participated. South Africa’s development as a knowledge economy depends partly on improving the teaching of mathematics and numeracy. Furthermore, South Africa’s extremely high youth unemployment, which is currently at […]